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Our kitchen hygiene is rated 'excellent' by Sheffield City Council, whose inspector awarded us a five-star certificate on March 2019

Since April 2020 we have asked parents to provide a packed lunch for children.  This measure was in response to the coronavirus outbreak, and our consequent difficulties in securing online shopping. 

 We have found surprising benefits to the packed lunches. All our children now eat their lunch, whereas in the past we always had a few fussy eaters who went all day with very little to eat, which impaired their ability to concentrate.

Also, packed lunches are safer for children with food allergies.  We will therefore continue asking parents to supply packed lunches,  which we will supplement with salad and veg sticks

 We are still offering breakfast, and healthy snacks such as fruit/milk.  A meal is provided at teatime: cheese and crackers, home-made soups, pasta dishes.

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